Vinyl Bear started in the summer of 2014. Gareth the owner (already an established designer) was approached by a mountain bike events company to produce a design for their event and get the designs printed up on some shirts. The design was the easy part, getting the shirts printed to the right specifications required was proving to be the difficult part. So Gareth decided to get a little plotter to cut out vinyl and a heat press to apply the vinyl to the T Shirts. A couple of experimental T Shirts later and we were done. That was easy!! Let’s do a few other of our own mountain bike and climbing designs and see if we can sell them, and Vinyl Bear was born.

Vinyl Bear is situated in the hills of North Wales, no place better for any outdoor sports, and it’s no surprise that our designs are themed around the outdoor sports that we love doing.

We started off  printing in Wrexham, producing vinyl on 100% organic cotton T shirts (our view is that they are still the most comfortable T shirts around) as we have grown so have our printing methods to keep up with demands, we now have several big plotters working around the clock and heat presses keeping us warm in the winter months. We have also now expanded into screen printing and always looking at new methods to produce printed clothing and as well as still offering the organic cotton T Shirts we are also able to offer a wide variety of clothing.

Printing North Wales


Vinyl is where it started with us (hence the name Vinyl Bear)

Vinyl is great for short print runs or one offs, we come up with a design, send the design to one of our plotters to then cut out the design onto some vinyl, weed the bits out we don’t want printing, place it on the clothing and then heat press it on.

This can be a very time consuming method and needs to be done over and over again for each clothing that gets produced so not ideal for mass producing a design. We can get some great coloured vinyl though and also different textures, flock, glitter…etc


Screen Printing is our newest technique we have to offer

Screen printing unlike Vinyl is an excellent way of mass producing a design onto clothing. Quite a bit of effort goes into creating the screen, but once the screen has been created, it’s time to get messy with inks and print away.

We are also not limited to colours with inks as we can mix colours together to create the specified colour thats needed. With it taking quite a lot of time, effort and cost to produce the original screen it is sometime not ideal for short print runs.

So as you can see there is a reason we now offer to printing methods

Screen Printing

Love it. Great quality. Lovely soft cotton, Will definitely be back for more


Thank you for the hoodies, love them


Bought a couple before christmas, really great quality, cheers from Liverpool


Days without incident


Note Pads to doodle on


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